What to DIY at a wedding and what not to DIY

When it comes to saving money, we all look for places on what we can budget on. The below tips are on what we believe will assist you in saving money for your wedding. 

  • Dance Lessons:  These days we all dance in circles and sway side to side, when it comes to dance lessons you can save money by practicing at home with your bridal party or just the two of you. 
  • Invitations:  There are so many options on making invitations that you can get these arranged at a cost of $5 per invite.  Get help from your bridesmaids and family in making these look extra special. You will be surprised how much you can save if you choose not to emboss and have watercolour printing instead. 
  • Centrepieces:  So much money is spent on extravagant decor that you can simplify this by making your very own.  Flowers are great and cost a lot of money depending on size and vases, keep things simple, use candles and recycled items like jars/tins. This will not only cut the cost of hire but will allow you to have your very own touch to your wedding. 

Now, the below items are on things we do not recommend that you do yourself, we suggest leaving these to the professionals.  This is what will make everything come together and look amazing. 

  • Photographer:  We all know that Aunty Jan has a great camera that is like a professionals which should/could get the neighbour to take for you however the photos won't come out the same.  Leave this one to a Professional Photographer, they have an eye for detail and know what lighting works. You want to look back on photos throughout the years and love them. 
  • Food:  One of the main things commented on at a wedding is the food, so don't skimp out on this one, make sure that the food is the best quality and lots of it.  We want guests complaining on how great the food was and how full they are.  
  • Wedding Planner:  Your so organised that you have everything worked out on what you want and can control the whole thing by delegating tasks to the family. However should you choose to have a planner for the entire wedding or just for half the day will make a huge difference on your wedding. A professional planner will make the day feel handmade and inviting compared to it feeling cheap and disorganised.  A planner dedicates themselves to your day which means they are there to make sure that you and your fiancé are enjoying the moment while they make sure that everyone else is happy too.  Why not have a stress free day?